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When I look at and think about my work, I see it as drawing from a complex set of resources. Poetry sometime provides words that conjure visual expression, astronomy and physics for ideas that move me into and out of my physical universe, history and archeology to know where I have been and where I may go. Music and painting are the conjoined twins that bring forth deep emotion.

If I were pressed to state which artist had the most influence on my art work, I would have to say it would be Mark Rothko. When many years ago, I first saw a small collection of his work at the Chicago Art Institute, I remember thinking and saying to myself “how elegantly simple” they were. It was and still is the clarity of his ideas and his emotions taking form that drew me into his work then and still does.

I hope visitors to my site will consider and view my current efforts as striving toward this kind of clarity and elegant simplicity.


I began my art career as a painter and photographer. There are qualities of experience in both mediums that I enjoy and continue to stimulate my creative process.

Painting serves as incubator for new installation ideas as well as moving me in new directions in abstraction of color and form. In recent years, gouache (a form of watercolor sometimes called designer colors) on paper has become my medium of choice. While I still love the richness of oil on canvas, I have found that I can obtain these same qualities using gouache on archival printmaking papers. This choice also offers the benefits of drying quickly and being non-toxic to the environment.